About us

We are a leading manufacturer in the electronic article surveillance industry. We design and manufacture a wide range EAS tagging products to help retailers to increase sales and prevent retail losses from shopliftings. We tailored our products to cater for the needs of a variety of retail industries such as clothing, shoes, sportswear and equipments, audio/visual products, travel bags or luggage , wine and liquor products, mobile phone equipments, computer games, fashion jewelleries, DIY, etc.

Our manufacturing plant is located in China and we have been in the retail security business since 1990. We use advanced technology to produce innovative EAS products, and we are recognised as a high technology enterprise in China.

Our products are compatible with any type of EAS systems used in the market. Our tags are highly reliable and provide excellent detection performance. We can also custom-make hard tags in different frequencies or in any designs based on your specifications.